kitchen & interiors

Classy Home Designers pune are one of the leading supplier of Modular kitchen, Kitchen accessories, Kitchen cabinet's, Wardrobe, Bed, lcd unit, etc. It will help you to decorate your kitchen very well.

Few specialties of Classy Home Designers:-

  • Product to suit all budgets and suitable for all age groups.
  • Innovative designs and customer friendly product can be made to suit one's special requirement
  • Durable, smooth handing without much bending & stretching saves time & energy.
  • Easy installations, minimum work on site.
  • Multipurpose trolleys like serving trolley, loading trolley etc.
  • And important is after sales service.


How to prepare your dream kitchen?

  • Design your kitchen on paper, prepare a list of below.
  • Your family size and number of guests expected to visit every month.
  • Your cooking style, habit and cooking requirements.
  • Number of people that are going to work in the kitchen at a time e.g. Housewife, maid servant, other ladies in the home
  • The age groups of the family members / people working in the kitchen
  • Decide numbers and places of electrical as well as plumbing points, providing for future requirements.
  • Check and decide your time frame to complete your dream Kitchen.
  • Get your plan executed and your dream kitchen will be ready.

A kitchen is the heart of a home where  the family comes together & spends quality time. It’s a place for relaxing over a coffee... sharing thoughts & ideas over food, living together with a soul mate & entering your partner’s heart through his stomach! We provide perfect functionality and class for a place where you spend most of your time when home.